Executive Director

Sarah Thornburg

Sarah Thornburg is our Executive Director, which means it is her face you see most often in the community. Sarah says that working at Friends In Deed is the best job she has ever had. She loves the community and the incredibly cool people that live, work, play and volunteer here. She especially loves working with the amazing people – staff, board, clients, volunteers, donors – who are the friends of Friends In Deed. “These volunteers blow my mind; I’ve never seen people with their level of commitment.”

Sarah loves that Friends In Deed’s mission allows the organization to change to accommodate the needs in the community. She led FID through the addition of the Circles program and is now committed to working in Washtenaw County to see systems change happen that will break barriers that people face that keep them in poverty.

Care and Feeding: Personally, Sarah’s “claim to fame” is her grandson, Morgan, and her granddaughter, Abigail. (Smartest and cutest kids on the planet - no matter what anyone else says!)

Ways To Get Involved

We're always looking for volunteers. If you would like to devote some of your time to assist families in need, please call our main number (734) 484-7658 or fill out our volunteer form today!