Friends In Deed accepts donations of used furniture and passes it on, for free, to our community’s many families in need. Through the use of our truck and the help and generosity of our many volunteers, we are able to pick up furniture from donors and deliver furniture to those of our clients without transportation.

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EMU Football players smile after volunteering to deliver and pick up furniture.

Two Men and a Truck volunteer their time to deliver furniture to FID clients.

Ken Fil speaks with Carla, Circles Coach, on why he supports Friends In Deed.

For more information and to apply for assistance (if you are looking for beds, cribs, couches, kitchen tables, etc.) call our Furniture Line at (734) 484-7607. It’s open Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM.

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Girl, this is Tarya and her pup, Gidget calling to say you've changed our lives. To have something to sit on after almost a year is a miracle and a blessing.

Tarya, Furniture Recipient

Beds & Cribs

The need for beds is a particularly crucial need in our community. Not only do we have many families with children who come to us for help after coming out of a shelter or experiencing fires, floods or bedbug infestations, we also have clients who were victims of domestic abuse and have to relocate with their children. When a family is recovering from a disaster and/or living paycheck to paycheck, there is no extra money for the purchase of beds or cribs; and Friends In Deed is the only agency in Washtenaw County that provides them for free. Unfortunately, the number of beds donated each year consistently fails to meet the need in the community for a healthy sleep environment. That’s why we created our annual Holiday Bed & Crib Drive that allows donors to give monetary donations for the purchase of new beds. Since the bed drive’s inception, we have helped over 1800 individuals and children get up off the floor, get into a bed or crib and get a good nights sleep.

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Direct Assistance

Our direct assistance programs involve utilities, one-time prescriptions, monthly storage, work shoes, educational supplies for adult learners, and other things on a case by case basis.

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We accept donations of used furniture and pass it on, for free, to our community’s many families in need.

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Need Additional Help?

Call the friends in Deed Help Line: (734) 484-4357

Monday-Friday • 9:30am to 2:00pm

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