One Day of Golf Can Make a Difference ...


A Big Difference! Our Annual Golf Outing, now in its 8th year, is one of our most popular fundraising events. If you golf, grab some friends and come out and play! If you don’t golf, consider coming to the luncheon or becoming a hole sponsor.


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One Volunteer Can Make a Difference...


Gayle helps out on the furniture line at Friends In Deed, where she talks to people in the community who are either donating or requesting basic-needs furniture: beds, cribs, kitchen tables, sofas, etc. With her help taking information and guiding folks through the process, we were able to distribute over 2000 pieces of furniture in 2015.


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One $40 Donation Can Make a Difference...


Tragedy hit when Crystal’s apartment burned down. She and her four children lost everything, including identification. Friends In Deed was able to help her get a copy of her birth certificate so she and her children could get into a shelter.


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One Furniture Donation Can Make a Difference...


When Heriberto found himself with sole custody of his 16-month-old son, he needed a bigger place to live and furniture to fill it. Because of generous furniture donations, Friends In Deed was able to help.


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One Night of Fun Can Make a Difference ...


A Big Difference! Our Annual Fundraising Dinner, now in its 30th year, is our biggest fundraising event of the year. Not only did it raise enough money to cover about 15% of our operating expenses in 2015 — keeping our doors open for almost two months — Fund the Mission raised enough money to help over 40 families with utilities.


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One Car Donation Can Make a Difference...


Mwashite is a single mom with a two-year-old child. After a rough few months, she now has a job, an apartment and a very long commute that involves three bus rides and a 40-minute walk. Friends In Deed helped her out by passing on a car donated to us by a generous supporter


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One Business Can Make a Difference...


Ken Fil owns Van Winkle Mattress Co. A long-time friend and partner to Friends In Deed, Ken has made our Bed & Crib drive possible. Each year, Van Winkle supplies new beds to us at cost. Last year, he donated 15 new beds on Giving Tuesday.


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One Shopping Bag Can Make a Difference...


Anyone bringing their own shopping bag to Whole Foods Market (rather than receiving one from the store) will have the option at the register to designate the 10 cents credit to Friends In Deed.


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Our Programs

Veterans-300x186What makes a house a home?

Sometimes it is as simple as having a healthy place to sleep, eat and go about the daily business of living. Even those folks who have a roof over their head may not have the basic furniture necessary to make an apartment or house a home. That’s where Friends In Deed comes in.

Waste Not, Want Not

Friends In Deed accepts donations of used furniture and passes it on for free to our community’s many families in need. Through the use of our 12-foot-cube truck and the help and generosity of our many volunteers, we are able to pick up furniture from donors and deliver furniture to those of our clients without transportation.

Beds & Cribs

The need for beds is a particularly crucial need in our community. Not only do we have many families with children who come to us for help after coming out of a shelter or experiencing fires, floods or bedbug infestations, we also have clients who were victims of domestic abuse and have to relocate with their children. When a family is recovering from a disaster and/or living paycheck to paycheck, there is no extra money for the purchase of beds or cribs; and Friends In Deed is the only agency in Washtenaw County that provides them for free. Unfortunately, the number of beds donated each year consistently fails to meet the need in the community for a healthy sleep environment. That’s why we created our annual Holiday Bed & Crib Drive that allows donors to give monetary donations for the purchase of new beds. Since the bed drive’s inception, we have helped over 1400 individuals and children get up off the floor, get into a bed or crib and get a good night sleep.


We try to fill in the gaps of assistance offered by other agencies and organizations in Washtenaw County, which means we may answer a request for assistance by providing information about or making a referral to another organization that has a program of services that better fits a client’s needs. We also work to keep track of resources available in the community and pass on the information through:

  • A How-to-Help Seminar each October that gives folks at congregations and human-service organizations a chance to ask questions
  • Two bi-annual Resource Guides that lists community services, including shelters, food banks, and places to get free or low-cost clothing

Car-receipient-300x290One of the biggest problems faced by low-income families is an unexpected car repair. In a county where the mean travel to work is 23.1 miles, losing access to a reliable car can result in catastrophe. After all, if you can’t get to work, you may lose your job. If you lose your job, you may lose your home. Avoiding this domino effect is why Friends In Deed offers car repair assistance to families who need a car to get to work and/or to obtain medical treatment for a severe condition.

We Pass on Used Cars for Free

We also accept car donations so that we can pass on reliable transportation to an individual or family in need. Again, the car must be used to get to work or medical treatment.


Friends In Deed has provided utility assistance to residents of Washtenaw County for over three decades. The need has only increased since we first started the program, especially since Michigan’s Department of Human Services changed its policy in 2013: DHS now provides utility assistance only during the crisis season, defined as November 1st to May 31st.

We Help Prevent Utility Shut Off

Friends In Deed works with other social service agencies in the community to prevent utility shut off. Not only are families able to keep their water running, lights on and rooms warmed (or cooled depending on the season), they are often able to qualify for a payment plan that allows them to retain a bigger part of their budget for other necessities: food, medical care, clothing, etc.

Client Instructions and Initial Information

While we will consider requests on a case-by-case basis, our main programs are each outlined below. The information below should help you determine if you qualify for assistance and what will be required from you if you choose to apply. If your request does not fall into one of the categories, please give our Help Line (734-484-4357) a call from 9:30 AM to noon, Monday through Friday.

No matter what type of assistance you are seeking, you must be a resident of Washtenaw County and you must provide some documentation for our files.

  • Furniture: If you are calling to obtain beds, cribs, couches, kitchen tables, etc., please call our Furniture Line at (734) 484-7607 from 9:30 AM to Noon, Tuesday through Friday.
  • Transportation: We recognize at Friends In Deed that a car is often a basic necessity, especially in Washtenaw County. If you are calling about getting assistance with transportation, please call our Help Line at (734) 484-4357 from 9:30 AM to Noon, Monday through Friday.
  • Prevention of Utility Shut Off: If you are calling for help with a utility bill, you will need to send us several documents. Please call our Help Line at (734) 484-4357 for more information from 9:30 AM to Noon, Monday through Friday.

News & Notes

We Lost a Friend This Week: Sally

A note from Sarah: It is with great sadness that I tell you of the death of our long-time friend, Sally Carpinella. She died on Easter Sunday at Arbor Hospice. Ron said she died “peaceful and comfortably.” Lora and I had visited Sally just last Monday, and she was... read more

Impromptu Can Drive: Lucky’s Market Donation

Raise your bottle to Friends In Deed! That’s what Lucky’s Market in Ann Arbor is doing. They are raising money for Friends In Deed by offering “up” at least seven truck loads of bottles and cans for recycling. Best of all, Friends In Deed will... read more

Shop at Whole Foods Market and Benefit Friends In Deed

Do you shop at Whole Foods Market? Even if you don’t, you might want to. That’s because Whole Foods Market sponsors the One Dime at a Time (ODAAT) program and has chosen Friends In Deed as its beneficiary from April to June of 2016. In other words, anyone bringing in... read more

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters: Grant Awards

Friends In Deed (FID) has been blessed with a lot of generous support over the years, not the least of which has been from grant-making foundations, organizations and individuals. We’d like to highlight three of our new-to-FID grants:   The Harry A. and Margaret... read more

Charlene Rounding Up Support: Go MSU!

We may be gaining on the U-M fans here in the office. Hopelessly outnumbered by the number of volunteers, board members and donors who support the Wolverines, those of who support MSU’s Spartans (Charlene, Dan and Tom pictured) have to stick together. Where do... read more

How Your Bed Donation Makes a Difference: Eddie

Eddie had a rough time of it over the last year. Diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent a mastectomy and is still undergoing chemotherapy. “That’s okay; I got enough use out of it!” she jokes about her breast. Despite her buoyant spirit, the... read more

See How Your Furniture Donation Makes a Difference: Richard

Just as Richard was recovering from surgery and unable to work, his housemate was laid off. The situation left the two in need of some help. Thankfully, Friends In Deed was able to help out with basic-needs furniture. Now the men have a healthy and comfortable place... read more

See How Your Bed Donation Makes a Difference: Marcia

Marcia just moved here with her six kids — ages 1,2,3,7,9 and 10. She didn’t have anything, so the whole family was sleeping on pallets on the floor. Friends In Deed was able to get beds for all of the children, and almost all of the beds were new because... read more