Terrie Upham, a student in Eastern Michigan University’s School of Social Work, is finishing up her internship with Friends In Deed next week. While normally we’d be wishing her luck and saying goodbye, Terrie will continue on with us on our Furniture Line as she did for years before she became an intern. She will also be continuing on with her role in our new Circles program. So while we won’t be planning a goodbye party for Terrie, we will be celebrating her accomplishments and recognizing her long-standing friendship – and there will be lunch!

How did we make such a good friend?

Terrie heard about us through her sorority sister, Bekah, who was volunteering at Friends In Deed. We needed a Wednesday volunteer for our Furniture Line; and since Terrie was a social work major, it fit nicely into her life plan. She showed up for her first day a little over three years ago, and she’s been volunteering for us ever since.

What attracted her to Friends In Deed?

“A lot!” Terrie says.

For instance, she likes how Friends In Deed is an interfaith organization. As a Christian, she not only gets to work in a way that aligns with her faith, she gets to see other people and churches do so, too.

Her love for Friends In Deed runs deep. In addition to the religious aspect of the organization, Terrie loves the close knit relationships of the staff and how much is done for the volunteers to bring them closer together. In short, she loves the many happy people she comes across. Whether it is the people who work at Friends In Deed or its many volunteers, “they are all willing to put their best foot forward.”

Besides the people inside the organization, she also enjoys meeting the people who Friends In Deed helps. “When volunteering here, you can really see where the donations are going. You can see the families and people they serve,” Terrie said. She remembered one client in particular who was really helped by Friends In Deed. The client received a full house of furniture, retained their utilities after a threatened shut off, and received school supplies for their children. “That was only one person and they were able to do so much,” Terrie said.

Another quality that Terrie loves about Friends In Deed is how the organization funds its programs. “There is no government interference and a big part of their funding is through special events (Annual Dinner, Golf Outing, etc.),” Terrie said.

A new role:

Now that Terrie’s internship is wrapping up, she will be able to focus on her role with Friends In Deed’s newest program: Circles. It is a program that will help families make connections in the community and learn how to break out of the cycle of poverty. Terrie will be the overseer of the older children, around eleven years and older. She will help explain the lessons that the parents will be learning that day, listen to the children, and try to help with any problems that they may be dealing with. The Circle program may be new, but she is definitely excited about its implementation.

We’re just glad we don’t have to say goodbye. Thanks Terrie!

Interview, Article and Photo by Amtheyst Floyd