Andrea has four kids, ages 6, 5, 5 and 8 months. She also has a baby on the way, which means she needs a double stroller sooner rather than later.

While she had a double stroller for her older kids, she gave it to her cousin who was pregnant with twins. While Andrea thinks of this as “paying it forward,” it left her without a stroller at a time when making ends meet was proving difficult. “My husband has a hard time getting consistent work sometimes.”

Despite the extra bit of income she makes finding items around town to sell online, Andrea found herself looking around her house asking, “What can I sell to get enough money to get a double stroller?”

When she applied for furniture from Friends In Deed, she mentioned her need. While we don’t usually pass on strollers as part of our Furniture program, we decided to put the word out to our network to see if anyone had a double stroller they were no longer using. The response was phenomenal. Not only did we hear immediately from several people with double strollers to donate, we had folks who jumped in with both feet to get involved and check with other resources.

Andrea was overwhelmed by both the response and the stroller with which she was ultimately presented. “I’m in shock…the quality…this will last us!” She also said that the generosity she experienced helped bolster her desire to pay it forward in the future.

Thank you to everyone who jumped in to help!