What you have to understand is how great it is for a kid to get his or her own bed when they’ve been doing without. Thanks to the folks from the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor, two low-income families in Washtenaw County recently received this gift of sleep.

Beds for Kids

Many families with children come to us for help after coming out of a shelter or experiencing fires, floods or bedbug infestations. We also have clients who were victims of domestic abuse and have to relocate with their children. Imagine how difficult getting a good night sleep is for a child who has recently experienced an upheaval due to a disaster or relocation and has to sleep on a couch or on the floor. Now imagine a family with multiple children and too little space to accommodate a twin bed for each child even if they could get them.

Cozy and happy, another child gets a bunk bed because of the Rotary Club.

Bunk Beds Project

Friends In Deed is the only agency in Washtenaw County that provides beds for free. In keeping with our goal of increasing the number of children in Washtenaw County to get a good night’s sleep, we created a special program to address families with multiple children and limited space. Through the generosity of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor, we received $5,000 in grant monies for the purchase of bunk beds, as well as a host of volunteers to deliver and assemble them. When all is said and done, 10+ families will receive bunk beds for their children. This allows us to increase the total number of families to receive beds, as well as reduce the amount of time families spend on the waiting list.


The need for beds in our community remains great and urgent in 2017, and Friends In Deed is the only agency in Washtenaw County that provides them for free. While the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor’s funding is makes a big difference, the need continues. If you’d like to help out, consider donating the funds for the purchase of a bed or crib during our Holiday Bed & Crib Drive.