Meet Crystal, a home health care worker for six years with a Certified Nursing Assistant diploma.  Crystal, twenty-seven, is mom to six-year old Isaiah, who will be entering first grade this fall.

Crystal heard about Friends In Deed (FID) from a friend who referred her to the agency.  Initially she came to FID needing a dining room table.  She was working part-time and was able to receive the dining room furniture free of charge from the FID Furniture Hotline.  A little bit later she also obtained a bed, a night stand and a dresser.

During the course of FID’s acquaintance with Crystal, she obtained her C.N.A. degree to further her education and ability to work full time to provide for herself and Isaiah.  Even with her 45-hours-a-week job, Crystal still had trouble meeting a few occasional bills.  She requested help with a DTE invoice which FID was able to provide.

In her quest for independence, Crystal was able to pull together a down payment for a car.  Once she brought the car home, it became apparent that repairs were needed to keep the automobile running.  After negotiations with the dealer, a mechanic and FID, Crystal was able to get the repairs at a reduced rate with a contribution from FID and some money on her part.

In Crystal’s quest for a better life for herself and her son, she was able to partner with FID for furniture, a utility bill and car repair assistance.  With the solid foundation of her C.N.A. certification and a full time work schedule, Crystal is able to greet the future with confidence that there is a safety net to protect her family from falling through the cracks or losing momentum due to unforeseen expenses.

As Crystal meets the challenges in her life and works hard at getting ahead, she has hit some bumps along the way.  Fortunately she was able stay the course with limited help from FID.  When asked “What would you tell someone about FID?” she replied, “FID’s staff goes above and beyond to help.”

Interview and article by Joan Bonderud